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Novel Introduction

Bangkok Affections

by James Aaron Parmelee

...the defining 21st century novel about Thailand, Thailand English teachers, and the triumph by an American teacher (with a lot of help from his friends) over a Vatican-ignored evil so grave that it almost conquered the world!


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General Sittikorn now entered the room and ordered the officers to remove Jack’s handcuffs. He then waited until all three of them had left the room before facing Jack.

“And just who the hell do you think you are, mister?” Jack demanded belligerently.

“I am Thailand National Police Chief General Sittikorn Amornwit, Mr. Yolkaby,” answered the general with a stern and rather impatient demeanor, “and may I ask just who the hell you are, too, mister?”

Jack looked appropriately taken aback. “Well, you know my name, General. So what gives?” he asked, confused.

General Sittikorn paused at length, to make Jack uncomfortable, one imagined.

“Well, let’s see, Mr. Yolkaby. You have been arrested on suspicion of child trafficking, promotion of pedophilia, collusion to commit murder, violation of work permit and visa regulations, failure to declare earnings and pay income taxes, and numerous other offenses that I won’t identify just now.”

The general paused to let this information sink in, as Jack’s face had now gone pale.
“You have no proof of such charges, sir,” he defended himself.

General Sittikorn now grinned wickedly, and thrust his face close to Jack’s. “Oh, we have absolute proof of those charges and much, much more!” the general gloated.

“Then I need a lawyer,” Jack contended.

“No sir, you don’t,” the general smiled benevolently, “because at this stage we have not charged you with anything, and I also did not bring you in here today to interrogate you. So you don’t need a lawyer.”

“Then why the hell did you bring me here?” Jack now asked in a rising voice to show his exasperation.

“Today the roles are reversed,” smiled the general all-knowingly. “Instead of you giving information to me, I’m going to give it to you!”

“You don’t say, now. Like what?”

The general waited before answering. “Well, first of all, I’m going to let you view a few videos we have of you and your syndicate in operation. If you will, please turn your chair around now and watch the computer screen behind you.”

Jack did so, and General Sittikorn played some incriminating parts of the video taken by Tyler of the ‘scholarship’ recruitment meeting, and then the two videos which Khun Marisa had shown at the OAG in which Jack was shown to have voted for the killings of both Tyler Keyhorn and little Bik.

“These are just a couple or three little bites of all the volumes of fully incriminating evidence we have against you, Mr. Yolkaby, and these are enough to convict you in any court of law.

“Finally, let’s have a look at how you defraud people out of their money by claiming healing power for the phony blood you take from the Mother Mary statues, which you and your group place there using your own clinic blood bank.”

General Sittikorn now turned his back on Yolkaby to access Hilgenstradt’s website―knowing full well that Jack would not attack him, at least under the present circumstances.

“Here we are!” exclaimed the general, as the website came up.

“Now, let’s see. Somewhere here there is a page on this website written by yourself. Ah, here it is! This implicates you in this fraudulent activity without a doubt.

“Now, Mr. Yolkaby,” resumed the general as he sat again at the interrogation table. “Turn your chair back around, and I will now continue giving information to you, rather than asking you to tell me anything.”

He paused again for effect, while Jack turned his chair back around.
“Mr. Yolkaby, aside from being a ruthless and unprincipled criminal, you are actually quite a smart businessman, and you have a lot of money in many different accounts. Of course, we know all about those and where they are and how much you’re worth altogether. You’ve done well for yourself. I’m impressed!”

Jack said nothing.

“Suppose on the one hand that all of these accounts were frozen, so you could not access a single baht of your money.”

Jack stared at the general in horror now.

“Suppose on the other hand, Jack... May I call you Jack now, Mr. Yolkaby?”

“Yes, of course. Call me Jack.”

The general smirked. “Very well, Jack. Suppose on the other hand that you had access to all of that money forever without any interference from the police, and suppose we gave you an additional ten million baht to go along with that.”

Sensing a bribe offer coming up, Jack now relaxed and grinned broadly. “And what would I need to do to get that, general?” It was now Jack who smirked.

The general grinned back and leaned toward Jack with a wink. “Be patient, Jack! All good things will come out in the end.

“In the meantime, let’s go back and consider the first possibility, where we freeze all of your money. What do you think we would do next?

Jack said nothing.

“Well, you don’t need to answer that, Jack. I can tell you, if you will be patient with me for just a little while. Let’s just say, for example, that the first thing we would do is charge you with all the crimes I’ve just mentioned, and all of those I can’t even remember at the moment. What do you think would happen next?

“Well, here it is. Right after that we would take you to the Crime Suppression Division. Now, here, you must understand, Jack, ours is just a little semi-developed Asian country without a lot of the conveniences you enjoy as a ‘civilian’ right now, shall we say, or which you would enjoy in your own home country.

“This means, I’m afraid, that you would be taken to a dark, musty cell where you’d need to strip off most of your clothes just to make a bed for yourself on the floor, and of course you could make do with your shoes as a pillow for that. You also would probably get both thirsty and hungry, but you would receive neither food nor water until the next morning, when we would transfer you to the Bangkok Remand Prison.

“Are you familiar with that place, Jack?”

Jack’s face showed clearly that things were not going well in this conversation, after all.

“No, sir, I’m not.”

“Well, again, I hope you’ll forgive Thailand for being a little bit behind Western countries in prison facilities, meaning that you would find yourself most of the time with little room even to stand up in, and you would be getting pushed and shoved around by hundreds of other sweaty, nearly naked prisoners, most of them Thais or from other Asian countries. In short, your large size would be no advantage to you there, Jack. In fact, it could even make your life hell!

“Now, don’t interrupt me, Jack!” the general warned. “There’s a lot more information I have to tell you during this reverse interrogation. You see, your cell would be only twelve meters by five meters in dimension, and for sleeping would be shared by about sixty other men, all snoring and breaking wind, and so on. That kind of space would not allow you, even if you were only my size, to as much as stretch your legs at night without kicking someone, which is not a very wise thing to do in prison, Jack! But, given your size, well, you can imagine your greater difficulty in just trying to get some sleep.

“Then early in the morning our guards would take you after a thorough body search to a long trough of putrid water, where along with hundreds of other prisoners you could have a bath if you had something to dip the water out with, provided there was still enough left by the time you reached the trough.

“For your breakfast, there would be only the very worst Thai food imaginable, which generally turns the stomachs of foreigners―some of them complaining that even the cats who eat it vomit, though I’m not sure if that’s true or not. Of course, prisoners who have money can buy proper food to eat there, which is okay for them.
“However, in your case, you would not have any money at all, would you?” The general leered.

“Of course, to keep you busy during the day, they might have you doing something useful like making paper bags, for instance, and doing that would earn you a monthly salary of about three dollars U.S. How would you feel about all this Jack?”

Jack trembled. “Disgusted, of course,” he responded.

“And I don’t blame you! So now let’s get back to the second scenario, where we let you keep all of your money, and give you an extra ten million baht besides. Of course, you would need to exit Thailand forever, and probably take up a new identity somewhere else. Could you accept that?”

“I would have no choice,” admitted Jack, but with little enthusiasm.

“And what would you do for us to earn that splendid privilege, Jack?”

“You name it, I’ll do it!” Jack pledged, thoroughly shaken by now.

“Great, I’ll name that in just a moment for you, Jack. But there’s still more I need to tell you in this reverse interrogation.”

“My God! There’s still more?” Jack asked in horror.

“Oh, indeed, yes. You see, your whole syndicate operation is falling apart now. To name just a few matters, we are now close to making an arrest for attempted murder of the truck driver who deliberately rammed Father Silvio DeCampo’s car in order to kill him, and I’m sure that driver will tell us who hired him in exchange for a lighter sentence, don’t you imagine?

“Then there is the matter of Khun Prawatchai na Sukhothai, who seems to be losing his mind. He thinks he is being haunted by the ghost of his father, whom he no doubt killed. So whether or not Khun Prawatchai can remain stable enough to be useful to your syndicate isn’t quite sure, is it? And, if not, where will your fellows in crime go to meet, since Prawatchai’s house, one assumes, would no longer be available for syndicate use?

“And finally, there is the matter of your intimate partner, Khun Teerapong Rokchit. You see, everyone in law enforcement now knows that Mr. Tyler Keyhorn, whom you voted to have killed, is not guilty, after all, of killing Ms Wannapaun, but that Khun Teerapong almost certainly is. On that basis, I speculate that he is likely to be arrested soon for that girl’s murder.

“There is also a plot hatching right now to have you killed, for embezzlement of collected funds. That’s what ‘falling apart’ means for your syndicate right now. Do you get it, Jack?”

Jack nodded, now overwhelmed. “So what do you want from me?” he asked at last.

“First, you do understand that your being picked up and brought into this room today did not happen. Is that correct?”

“Correct, sir,” affirmed Jack, rather puzzled.

“Second, you will not relate to any one in your organization, or even hint to them deliberately or otherwise the information that I have given you today.”


“We’re getting there, Jack. Please be patient. Now, you just tell me,” the general asked leaning right into Jack’s face, “what do you think I want from you in exchange for all this kindness?”

Jack seemed reluctant to speak.

“You’re a smart man, Jack, but you’d better start proving it now! I’ll give you only one small hint―next Saturday!”

Jack now looked thoroughly enlightened, and his eyes opened wide and his tongue actually hung out in wonder.

“You want me to..., don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Jack! And very, very well, too!”

“You want to use me for a sting, don’t you?”

“Ah, Jack!” shouted the general in delight. “I knew that you were a man of superior intelligence all along! Yes, that’s exactly what I want. In fact, I require it,” he added grimly.


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