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The following provides some information and photos about James Parmelee’s Thailand School, TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

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TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, Thailand, was founded in 1991 by James Parmelee and his wife Sureeporn. James by then had already taught English to Thai people himself for over 23 years, and through his efforts, the Academy grew into an institute unique for its quality of instruction and academic care, and which has always been on the cutting edge of language service delivered with both professional authority and a loving and caring heart for the Thai people and their learning needs.

Being a school owner was a bit different, of course, from teaching, as James found out! He soon learned that when he needed trained English native-speaking teachers, few were available. He and his staff thus coped, as well as possible, with intelligent, well-educated Westerners who had some teaching experience at one level or another, or who could be quickly trained in grammar and how to teach from an assigned textbook. It was definitely not the ideal way to conduct language training, but was the best that could be done at the time. Needless to say, however, this circumstance eventually became intolerable for the proud members of James's Academy and staff!


Monks Blessing TEXT-AND-TALK AcademyThe reasons for local foreigners not receiving teacher training were mainly centered around the fact that only the Cambridge CELTA teacher training course was available, and there the tuition fees were higher than most foreigners living in the Thai economy could afford at that time. That course was also was very ' exclusive' in its approach to potential trainees, using non-responsiveness to enquiries and the administration of grammar tests, exams and required 'projects' to weed out persons who were not (from their point of view) minimally half-trained as teachers already.

Since James knew, however, that persons excluded from that course would nonetheless stay in Thailand and 'teach' anyway in most cases, and also fully realized the great potential of most of these persons to teach English professionally, he longed for a chance to train them himself in a course that was ' inclusive': meaning he would take in talented persons and train them in any areas of deficiency they might have as part of the course itself.

Happy TEFL Course GraduatesJames with his staff of dedicated teachers thus worked hard and long at developing TEFL Course materials, ending with about eight times as much material for the course as is given by any other provider. Among these many materials (six course modules plus a TEYL module, a professionally recorded pronunciation tape and a carrying bag for all of these), was a book to help Thais and other English students learn about conversational grammar quickly, easily and efficiently through their teacher's course-learned expertise, and a book to enable a course teacher to walk into any classroom on earth knowing through the principles of language comparison and contrast what problems with English the students were having, as well as the origin of the problems and all of the essential means for solving these. (Naturally, the first emphasis was on teaching effectively to Thai students, the latter, by the way, being so pleased with the teachers produced by James's course, that they were at all times reluctant to let them slip away!)

James and his staff were very proud that the Academy's trained teacher graduates were fully equipped and skilled in teaching English to Thai and other Asian students especially, but also to company staff with business English requirements, and students of all levels and objectives, including children in private and government schools, bllingual schools, international schools and universities. For, unlike the CELTA course and most other courses offered in Thailand even to this day, this TEFL course equips graduates to teach both children and adults, and both persons learning English as a second language and those who are still learning it as a foreign language.

The next step in the development of James's unique course was to acquire accreditation for the it, initially through the Thai Ministry of Education and later Middlesex University in the U.K. This was aGreat Teaching Practice Students long and arduous procedure, but eventually the course and its certificate were fully certified by both the Thai Ministry of Education and universities and other levels of academia across the world, who began to appreciate the value of TEXT-AND-TALK's training methods. In fact, the TEXT-AND-TALK certificate is now prized by schools, academies and universities the world over, as the Academy's trained teachers learn more practical knowledge through our training than in any other course on earth, bar none.

The nearly 2,600 professional teachers that James's TEFL course has produced are now teaching at educational institutes of all levels throughout Thailand, as well as in over 30 other countries, which bears witness (along with their happy employing schools!) of the success of his endeavors to private the best-trained English teachers possible for students in Thailand and around the world.

In summary, to date TEXT-AND-TALK Academy has trained classes of Thai students now numbering more than 1,000,000 persons! The Academy also has successfully trained staff and conducted workshops, seminars and summer camps for more than 7,000 companies, not including numerous government departments, agencies and ministries, and even the Ministry of Education itself!

One of the TEFL Academies Pattaya Academy Location

Moz, One of the Academy Trainers

Thus, as James would say, "If you or your staff need language help, TEXT-AND-TALK Academy is fully able and happy to assist you!"

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